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No job is too small:

  • Golf Club shafts


Here you will see examples of alternative finishes instead of 24k Gold: 

  • Rose Gold

  • White Gold

  • Platinum

  • Rhodium

  • Silver

  • Chrome

  • Nickel

  • Copper

Kent Plating Services

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Welcome to the magical world of Electroplating


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Kent Plating Services are pleased to welcome all visitors to the website of the No. 1 providers of Plating services in Kent  and we offer a wide range of services as detailed below.

Kent Plating Services for the general public:

We offer a wide range of plated products and services to the general public providing bespoke plating services as well as creating the most amazing and unique gifts to suit all occasions and events as well as all budgets large and small


Kent Plating Services for local Businesses:

Businesses have a wide range of requirements for our services including promotional products, unique 24k gold upgraded versions of their standard retail products, feature products for improving companies images and much more

All of the above services can be provided with any of the following final plates:


White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold (9-24k options), Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, Nickel, Copper, Zinc


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